Benefits of Burst’s Proprietary Heat Dissipation™ Technology

LED chips emit light after wired with power. About 75% of the electric power is turned into heat energy. In LED fixtures commonly used today, this heat energy is trapped in the fixture itself, limiting the LED’s performance and lifespan.

Burst’s Proprietary Heat Dissipation™ technology moves the heat energy away from the LEDs, providing extended longevity and lumen output.  The heat energy from the LED is transferred to the heat sink, instigating the Proprietary Heat Dissipation™ process.  The temperature drop through this is about 1 degree C which is transferred through the back of the LED and solder of the heat sink.

Heat flow continues along the aluminum alloy heat sink, then transfers to the shell of the Proprietary Heat Dissipation™. The temperature drop through the shell is about 2 degrees C.

Heat flow enters the imbibition wick, which is made of a metal screen and adhered to the inner chamber of the Proprietary Heat Dissipation™. The heat flows to the work liquid inside the imbibition wick.

After the vapor has condensed back to liquid, the liquid naturally returns to the imbibition area to restart its process, absorbing heat and starting a new heat transfer cycle.

Burst Lighting performs at the most efficient levels within the LED lighting industry.