Fixture Retrofitability & Long Term Plan

Stage 1

Reduce the wattage of the system by 80% with the best LEDs currently available.

Stage 2 (5 years later)

Retrofit the fixture with new LED module and driver. Reduce the system wattage by 50% again. We know LEDs and drivers will be twice as efficient and half the cost they are today, so it makes sense to retrofit. And, with the 5-year warranty period, and the customer is always within the warranty window.

Stage 3 (5 years later)

Retrofit the fixture with Nano Solar and advanced Lithium battery (replacing the driver system and taking the fixture off the grid). In this phase the electrical infrastructure is no longer neccesary and can be removed and recycled. The recycled copper material from the light fixture to the power source is very valuable. This material is used to pay for the third phase: 20 year solar, battery, and LED system, with no power consumption.


LED Fluorescent Replacement Kits

  • Adapts into existing fixtures.
  • Minimizes custom fabrication.
  • Reduces maintenance costs.
  • 10-year fixture warranty w/ high strength lens
  • 5-year warranty on LED modules and drivers
  • Burst’s LEDs have a proven industry-leading 100,000 hour-rated lifespan
  • Burst fixture housings and drivers are IP 65 and 67-rated for water penetration
  • Fixture housings are pure cast aluminum, powder-coated, for a rust-free fixture
  • All  other associated hardware and fittings are stainless steel
  • Drivers and LED modules are designed to be fully upgradable & interchangeable
  • Fixtures are designed to accept battery modules, with-in the fixture itself, for fully integrated solar solutions, with future upgrades in solar & battery technology
  • Instant on IR Motion sensor capabilities provide opportunities for even more savings